Camera chimney inspection service

Camera chimney inspection serviceCCTV chimney inspection survey. If you suspect you have a faulty chimney, a CCTV chimney inspection will enable us to discover many problems that are commonly found in chimneys. These chimney problems include large holes and breaches, structural cracks or failings, blockages, damages within the flue interior, and chimney fires.


Camera chimney inspection serviceThe Kit we use comes with two cameras and the portable HD mini DVR viewing screen, for live feed. It will allow the operator the chance to view where mirrors will not work, and record to a standard fit for insurance work.
Due to the design of these cameras, you should use caution to ensure that the protective glass covering of the lens is not broken.
You will need a micro SD card if you wish to record Video the unit takes a card up to 32GB and can record up to 32 hours of video.
The Wireless camera makes a superb tool for inspecting through flues and stoves to check the job you are about to undertake, and further to check the job you have done is to the highest standard. The Wireless camera also replaces the need for mirrors, as it is more directional and the camera comes with its own light source. It comes with 6 super bright LEDs. With the lights on it will last up to 2 hours, before re-charging. Mains and cigarette charge provided. The lights on this camera can be turned off and on subject to your requirements via a switch on the camera base. The wireless camera will not suffer interference up to 4 meters when in a flue, but can still be used to visually inspect and record or take pictures of the work undertaken, thus making sure that a bird nest is removed etc.
The wired camera has 15 meters of cable (which can be extended) and does come with all plugs and leads required. It has 8 Super bright LEDs and is designed for inspections where quality is essential. This camera is perfect for CCTV analysis of flues for insurance work etc. It has the ability for the lights to be turned off and on via a light sensor on the cable, so that you can look for any light leaks within a flue.
Both cameras will give you the chance to view places where a mirror won’t reach, like an open fire with back boiler.


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