Carbon monoxide testing

Carbon monoxide testingCarbon monoxide is a common gas that is fatal to humans at relatively low levels. Because it is impossible to smell, see, or taste, carbon monoxide can build up to toxic amounts without notice. Produced by malfunctioning fuel-burning devices or by other common household appliances such as central heating boilers, the toxic gas kills hundreds each year due to inadequate detection methods. In addition, continued exposure to non-fatal levels of carbon monoxide can lead to permanent vascular and other types of damage. The steps below will provide an easy guide on how to detect carbon monoxide, and measures for reducing the risk of poisoning.

Carbon Monoxide Testing

The purpose of smoke testing a chimney is to establish whether or not a flue is sound, … It will also help with the prevention of chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

The Purpose of a smoke test is to ensure that the flue gases will rise freely through the flue and to identify any faults. If faults are found during a smoke test the possibility of carbon monoxide leaking into the building is a real possibility and action should be taken straight

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